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Developing the capability of people is central to building a robust and successful business. Unfortunately a large percentage of the skills, principles and ideas presented in training rooms never get implemented into the work place, and are wasted.

Why is that?

People learn through repetition and immersion, which necessitates a continued campaign following any learning programme. Research shows that even from a good course, only about 11% is retained, from which some behaviour is changed … If that's good enough for you, read no further!

Rolin Learning

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Deliver the information to participants via video to give a clear idea of key principles


In the classroom this is then applied to their specific situation/task and the related behaviours can be coached-in.


People need to have the information at least four times to remember it, with Rolin you can review videos/eLearning content at convenient times.


The LMS gives clear statistics as to how well each learner has understood the information.